About us

KAWA KIN Co., Ltd. is a converter and trader of electronic and automobile sub-material part for industrial supply. Our business concentrate on Tape, film, foam and rubber for electronic and automobile part makes it possible to offer our customers extraordinary expertise and value in order to serve all considerably customer’s demand.

We concentrate on the services and act like the partner business with all customers in order to serve all considerably customer’s demand.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in all segments of electronic and automobile industry. It is evidence in the tradition of new products development for customers in efficient, attentive and responsive customer service, and in our innovative approach to satisfying our customers.

Good Product, Good Quality,
Delivered on Time and
Continuous Improvement

Security Policy
  1. The company must conduct its business with the first priority and awareness of employee safety.
  2. The Company will manage occupational health and safety according to the risks of the organization. and continually improve operational methods and safe environment.
  3. The company will provide resources to replace resources in terms of personnel, time, budget and appropriate training to raise awareness of safety. Occupational health and environment are regulated in accordance with the standards and procedures set forth as the responsibility of all employees.

The company realizes that “Good health and safety is the basis of every activity” with this concept. It is considered the starting point of safety activities and is one way to instill the idea that “Safety comes first” which is an important principle that must always be practiced in the organization.

ISO 9001:2015

We talk about product quality as a sculptor and customer.

“All Products RoHS Compliant.”