Durability and confidence in transportation


Pineapple fiber tape is a durable and flexible material suitable for securing, strapping, and tying goods in shipping applications. Using pineapple fiber tape and packing tape with these qualities can reassure shippers and receivers that their goods will arrive safely and in good condition.

Outstanding properties of pineapple fiber tape

  1. Strength and durability
    Pineapple fiber tape is strong and durable. Able to reliably fasten and secure heavy items.
  2. Remains properties in good condition
    Pineapple fiber tape can fasten and hold products in their original condition. Even if it goes through transportation that requires durability.
  3. Resistant to weather and chemicals
    Pineapple fiber tape is resistant to weather conditions and chemicals, making it an ideal material for use in challenging environments.
  4. Make moving easy
    Using pineapple fiber tape makes moving goods easy and confident. without having to worry about product safety
  5. Wide range of uses
    Pineapple fiber tape can be used in a variety of applications, such as strapping and securing pallets in shipping. Attaches parts of electrical equipment and ties the steel coils for storage.
  6. Flexibility
    Pineapple fiber tape has good flexibility. Can be used in applications that require flexibility in fastening and fastening.

Using pineapple fiber tape in transportation

Pineapple fiber tape is suitable for use in transportation applications such as

  • Strapping and securing pallets
  • Mounting shelves and trays inside a refrigerator or display case
  • Bundling steel coils for storage in warehouses
  • Stabilizing during transportation
  • Fastening parts of electrical equipment
  • Bundling heavy objects
  • Bundling items and placing them on pallets
  • Use as tape to seal dangerous goods boxes
  • Wrapping pipes and electrical cables


Pineapple fiber tape is a material that has excellent properties to use in your work. With strength, durability, and flexibility Pineapple fiber tape makes strapping and securing easy. Be confident every time the goods are moved. Therefore, if you are looking for efficient and durable materials for transportation work. Don’t miss out on using pineapple fiber tape in your work.

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