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Our dedication to excellence is reflected in all segments of electronic and automobile industry. It is evidence in the tradition of new products development for customers in efficient, attentive and responsive customer service, and in our innovative approach to satisfying our customers.


For Construction, Aluminium Profile, Glass Window, Mirror
For Injection Parts
For Stainless Steel
For Home Appliance
For Automotive Parts, Emblem, Name Plate, Scuff plate
For Acrylic Sheet


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape
Electronic : Glass Cloth Tape, Acetate Tape, Barrier Tape, Polyester Tape, Copper Foil Tape and etc.

PCB related : Kapton Tape, Polyimide Tape, ESD Tape, Splicing Tape, Heat Resistant Tape, Silicone Adhesive Tape.

Acrylic Foam Tape for car assembly, name plate, body trim, and car decoration parts.

Blue Tape, Holding Tape, Filament Tape, Floor Masking Tape , Masking Tape and Teflon Tape

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Silicone Shin-Etsu / Dow corning for electronic Part. Chemical for electronic and Appliance


It is fully automatic and does not require silica gel replacement. It keeps the humidity inside the refrigerator less than 35% RH at room temperature and is ideal for long term storage, It’s quiet working, no noise, By combining molded parts, both function and strength are further improved. Moisture-proof capacity has been greatly improved by Molecular Sieve

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Anti-Static Sticky Mat

ㆍ 60sheets composition has cost saving effect for price and stock management.

ㆍ Minimizing static charges by using anti-static treated adhesive Recommendable for sensitive area of Static charges such as Semiconductor, Electricity
ㆍSurface resistance: 10E11
ㆍAdhesive power : ASM150(110g), ASM200(160g, Standard), (ASM250(210g) ) / Tolerance: +40g

ㆍMaterial: MDPE
ㆍEco-friendly water based acrylic adhesive
ㆍThickness : 35-5um /Layer(Film)
ㆍ Other customized size are available.

Non-Woven Sticky Roller

ㆍSuperior effect on dust removal as outstanding adhesion or cushion.
ㆍ Material : Non woven(PET) + PE / Eco friendly water based Acrylic adhesive It’s easy to peel off one by one without film change.
ㆍAdhesive power : 500g/25mm(土100g)
ㆍCore size : PE / 038mm, 076mm(Width 320mm)
ㆍThickness:180+10um ㆍColor:White

ESD Non-Woven Sticky Roller

ㆍ It is used for sensitive workplace for ESD and yellow core, so it provides good work efficiency due to distinguishing easily.
ㆍ It can be used to peel off one by one without film change.
ㆍ Material : Non woven(PET) + PE / Eco-friendly Acrylic adhesive (Anti-static)
ㆍAdhesive power : 500g/25mm(土100g)
ㆍSurface resistivity: 10E11
ㆍCore size(Yellow) : PE 7 038mm, 076mm (Width 320mm) Thickness : 180-10um

PE Sticky Roller(General)

ㆍ It is easy to peel off one by one and can be used without film deformation by cut line.
ㆍMaterial : LDPE Film / Acrylic adhesive
ㆍAdhesive power : 500g/25mm(土50g) Core size : PE/ 038mm, 076mm

PET Line Tape

ㆍ Use to divide the area on workplace floor with various colors.
ㆍ Preserve anti-static function for long term with superior durability
ㆍ Use to mark static control area and divide the aisle by PET laminating treatment.
ㆍLog roll size : 1,000mm x 33m
ㆍPE core

ㆍ Factory, Floor, Line Working, Products label, Marking safety area

ESD PET Line Tape

ㆍ Use to divide the area on workplace floor with various colors.
ㆍ Use to mark static control area and divide the aisle with anti-static function. by PET laminating treatment.
ㆍ Preserve anti-static function for long term with superior durability
ㆍ Surface resistance – Surface:10E9 / Adhesive side: S10E10
ㆍ Log roll size : 1,000mm x 33m
ㆍ PE core

EMI and

Shielding and Absorber Products
EMI Gaskets
EMI Tape
Conductive Silicone
Finger Gasket
EMI Window
EMI Absorbers
Wire Mesh Gasket


Roll blank stickers, rolled it into the paper core to applied the sticker shooter machine. For example, price tag sticker, sticker barcode, label sticker, blank sticker for barcode or product details printing. Customer can order roll sticker and using hand to peel sticker directly. The production of stickers as a roll makes it easy to store. Do not waste storage space as sheet stickers. Roll stickers are easy to use because there is a gap between the label which make it easy to stick to the product, such as fruit label, snack label, etc.

Because of there are many types of materials that used to print roll stickers. Therefore, we can recommend customers to choose stickers that suitable for usage. What type of sticker material is suitable for any product and choose the right sticker material to meet customer’s purpose of use.