Anti-scratch tape

Protection Film

Anti-scratch tape or Protection Film

The product is designed to prevent scratches and damage on the product. This film is produced from polyethylene. It is a clear, translucent plastic that is flexible and stretches well. Makes it durable and resistant to tearing. and is suitable for maximum scratch protection on a wide range of products in terms of size, length, and film thickness.

Features of scratch-resistant tape

  • Able to adhere well to the product’s surface. Anti-scratch tape is coated with a thin layer of adhesive. Can stick firmly to the surface. Does not cause any damage or scratches to the surface when peeled off.
  • High tear resistance To help protect the products that are wrapped inside to keep them in perfect condition without any wrinkles.
  • It looks transparent and clear. This is a property obtained from the use of polyethylene as a material in production.
  • The scratch-resistant tape leaves no glue or dirt behind when the film is removed.
  • You can choose various sizes and specifications. According to the needs of business owners
  • It is resistant to UV rays. To help protect the product from damage from sunlight during transportation.

Benefits of scratch-resistant tape

  • Helps protect the product from scratches and damage on the product surface. With a film layer of scratch-resistant tape that is strong and durable. It has the ability to protect the surface from damage very well. Especially products with shiny surfaces such as glass, mirrors, TV screens, monitors, smartphones, etc., because these products are often at risk of scratches, scuffs, and other types of damage.
  • Use a small budget, worth the investment. Anti-scratch tapes are the ideal solution for product businesses that want to protect surfaces without The tape is easy to use and does not require effort. Can be used for a long time and does not cause any wrinkles. During the delivery of the product until it reaches the hands of the consumer
  • Adjust the width of the page according to the specifications that the user desires. So that the film has a size that fits the product’s contact surface. Because most products have different shapes. Therefore, it is necessary to customize it according to the desired specifications.
  • Easily attached to the surface There is no need for special tools or training. Business owners can apply this from the production process in industrial plants.
  • Help promote brand image The product is well protected. It gives consumers or users have a good impression from the first time they receive the product.

Usage characteristics

BLACK/WHITE   for aluminum composite panel, outside wall of buildings, ceramic plate, metallic fluorine with acrylic, emulsion adhesive system.
CLEARfor painted color metal protection, plastic, glass, imitation wood, etc.
BLUEfor floor, door, mirror, deep drawing, etc.
EMBOSSfor plastic, name plate, metal, LCD case, etc.
PRINTINGfor gravure, sash, company logo, etc.
PERFORATIONregardless of printing, we specialize in regular interval perforation.

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