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Kapton (Polyimide) Tape

KAPTON polyamide tape, whose scientific name is POLYIMIDE, is used for electrical work. Electronics due to height It has a high  …

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Floor Masking Tape

Floor marking tape is an adhesive tape used to mark hazards, divide areas, create walkways, or give directions. Often used in …

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Anti-Slip Tape

Anti Slip Tape is similar to rough sandpaper. Used on the floor to prevent slip and fall accidents, such as around stairs, doors …

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Masking Tape

Chicken skin adhesive tape Also known as masking tape, sticky tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Made from thin …

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Polyester Tape

Polyester Tape Polyester Tape Multi-purpose tape is the best choice to cover high temperature applications such as powder painting …
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Double Sided Tissue Tape

Double-sided adhesive Tape Tissue Tape is a long-selling, multi-purpose, double-sided adhesive tape. Nitto’s popular …
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OPP Tape

OPP tape for closing boxes, which has good tensile properties and high strength. Not easily torn The tape is coated …
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